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I'm so proud of my dog because he is my best friend.

Huge dogs and their tiny owners bring big smiles in new book

PROUD OF MY German Shepherd

   PROUD OF MY Retrievers (Golden)

    PROUD OF MY French Bulldogs

PROUD OF MY Bulldogs

    PROUD OF MY Beagles

   PROUD OF MY Poodles

   PROUD OF MY Rottweilers

   PROUD OF MY Yorkshire Terriers

  Pointers (German Shorthaired)


    PROUD OF MY Siberian Huskies

    PROUD OF MY Dachshunds

   PROUD OF MY Great Danes

   PROUD OF MY Pembroke Welsh Corgis

   PROUD OF MY Doberman Pinschers

  PROUD OF MY Australian Shepherds

   PROUD OF MY Miniature Schnauzers

   PROUD OF MY Cavalier King Charles Spaniels

   PROUD OF MY Shih Tzu

 PROUD OF MY Boston Terriers

   PROUD OF MY Pomeranians

   PROUD OF MY Havanese

   PROUD OF MY Shetland Sheepdogs

    PROUD OF MY Bernese Mountain Dogs

    PROUD OF MY Brittanys

    PROUD OF MY Spaniels (English Springer)

   PROUD OF MY Mastiffs

PROUD OF MY Spaniels (Cocker)

   PROUD OF MY Vizslas


  PROUD OF MY Chihuahuas

    PROUD OF MY Maltese

  PROUD OF MY Weimaraners

  PROUD OF MY Miniature American Shepherds

    PROUD OF MY Newfoundlands

  PROUD OF MY Cane Corso

    PROUD OF MY Border Collies

    PROUD OF MY Basset Hounds

   PROUD OF MY Collies

   PROUD OF MY Rhodesian Ridgebacks

  PROUD OF MY West Highland White Terriers

    PROUD OF MY Retrievers (Chesapeake Bay)

PROUD OF MY Belgian Malinois

    PROUD OF MY Shiba Inu

PROUD OF MY Bichons Frises

   PROUD OF MY Akitas

  PROUD OF MY St. Bernards

Soft Coated Wheaten Terriers

PROUD OF MY Bloodhounds

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