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“God has strange ways to accomplish something, His timing, His purpose and the people He chooses to accomplish something is beyond human comprehension!” - Mark Zuckerberg



      Let’s hope PROUD OF MY DOG Movement would start a new era of much stronger family bond between dog parents and their dog children. Dogs should be treated as people because humans and dogs are created by the same loving GOD. 

The significance of being proud of dogs was overlooked in the past because of the notion that  “PROUD”  is meant to be used only for humans which led to the birth of “PROUD OF MY DOG” as a movement to dignify dogs as people.

Priscilla chan beast


  • I’m so proud of my Puli because my Puli is generous with affection, tolerant of my errors, forgiving of my screw-ups. Dr. Chan Zuckerberg

Mark Zuckerberg and his wife, Priscilla Chan, are proud of their Puli ( Hungarian SheepDog ) as people. Many refer to their Puli as “mop dog” due to the way their fur grows in a cord-like manner. With over 2 million Facebook followers, “Beast” follows in the family business’ footsteps by being his own social media guru. He is probably the most famous Puli in the world.


Dogs have finally become an integral part of human family system. Over the years, dogs have evolved from being a strange and wonderful distraction to an integral part of families all over the world. As human populations have grown, so too have dog populations, and with so many dogs on the planet it’s fascinating to see just how this population is dispersed world-wide.

Dogs are kind, loving, and compassionate – they forgive everything and never hold a grudge no matter how we treat them.  If you watch your dog throughout the day you’ll find that your dog is a better person than most humans. . Dog parents are planning to celebrate PROUD OF MY DOG – PARTY on social media platforms of Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, Tik-Tok and beyond to dignify dogs as people in a much more meaningful way.

Dogs Offer Human Security

 Dogs provide a sense of security for human companions. Trained watchdogs can provide a high degree of security, while even small house dogs can offer a sense of protection by alerting their owners to approaching strangers or unusual circumstances in the home. Dogs employed by government agencies and police organizations sniff out contraband in places likes airports and large public venues to ensure public security. According to a Texas A&M website, dogs utilized specifically for security purposes require a specialized degree of training to be safe and effective for their handlers.

Dog’s Provide Companionship

Dogs provide companionship and company. They can be a comfort to people who crave unconditional interaction with another living being. According to Vanderbilt University, dogs can decrease levels of human loneliness and give humans a sense of purpose as they care for their animal companions. This can be especially beneficial for people who live alone, don’t socialize much, are empty-nesters or recently experienced a major change of life, such as the loss of a close human companion to death or divorce.

Dogs Reduce Stress

Dogs can help reduce stress levels in human beings and are often used for therapeutic purposes in hospitals, nursing homes and hospices. Playing with a dog, exercising, walking or running can help human beings reduce stress levels and increase their health and well-being. Studies by Harvard University and Kansas State show dog interaction with humans can help combat challenges associated with some form of heart disease and autism.

– Historically, dog parents were always proud of their dogs in their hearts but were reluctant to express it in public. – Dog parents have begun expressing their dog pride in public as people because humans and dogs are created by the same loving God.  Because dogs are kind, loving, and compassionate – they forgive everything and never hold a grudge no matter how we treat them,  because our dog is our most loyal friend, because our dog is quite nicer than most of our human friends, because our dog brings so much joy and happiness in our life.

World’s most admired dog braggers are proud of their dogs in public!

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    Dogs have hijacked human bonding system!

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